For your record. Our


“Annexure A”
To advertise, search, email and SMS for any level positions on all my, job boards, social media, and business channels

Create an Accessable, Downloadable Priority List of the top shortlisted candidates my channels can find for You. So your management or Internal Recruitment department can add, develop and support to your current candidate pipelines.

To build unlimited candidate Channels,
To build a screened candidate Pipeline.
Advertising, Searching, Screening, Emailing, SMS and Shortlisting Candidates,
YOU HAVE Full ownership of Candidate details.
YOU HAVE Full ownership of Candidate CV’s
No Commission Charged
Create Priority List All the best candidates for You, Management or Internal Recruitment department to include in your current recruitment drives and to interview face to face.
With 24/7 hour availability to view your positions and download candidate details.
I will also, complete all my End processes including notification email to rejected and unsuccessfull candidates.
Through my workflow Application, I will assist, to drive and expand your company’s channels for candidate retention and screen all applications using 5 non negotiables

Prices Tick
1 x position ANY Level  R4950 excl vat UNTIL POSITION IS FILLED.
4 x positions ANY Level  R12950 excl vat, per month UNTIL POSITION IS FILLED.
10 x Positions ANY Level R19,500 excl vat, per month UNTIL POSITION IS FILLED.


Duration of Service Level Agreement Commencement Date of SLA Initial of Client Representative of SLA
6 months Day                  Month            Year

12 months Day                  Month            Year

Company Name:-
Company’s Contact Person:-
Company’s Contact Person – Designation:-
Contact’s Email
and Phone:-
Authority to move on this:-   Yes/No
Company’s Physical Address:-
Company’s Postal Address:-
Company’s VAT Number:-

  Client’s Bank Account Details

Bank and Branch and Branch Number
Account Number
Type of Account
Day of Month for Debit Order to be Drawn Day                  Month            Year

We hereby request, “instruct” and authorise you to draw against our account with the abovementioned bank (or any other bank or branch to which we may transfer our account) the sum of our signed Service Level Agreement.  Higher values may only be added to our amount debited subject to a signed Service Level Agreement, written email or SMS notification to National Employment Center cc.

The monthly debit order date will be as agreed above.  All such withdrawals from our bank account by you shall be treated as though they had been signed by us personally.  We understand that the withdrawals hereby authorised will be processed by computer through a system provided by the South African Banks (Standard Bank), and we also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on our bank statement or on an accompanying voucher.  A debit order penalty of R150 will be levied for accounts that are rejected.

We acknowledge that National Employment Center is hereby authorised to effect the drawings against our account and may not assign any of its rights to another third party without prior written consent of the authorised party.

Signed on this day……………………….. of ……………………………….  2016.



“National Employment Center or  The N.E.C.”  describes/means National Employment Center cc .
“Candidate” describes/means the individual introduced to and/or placed with The Employer by The N.E.C..
“Employer” describes/means the company, partnership, close corporation, institution, person, or any branch, division, subsidiary, associate or holding company thereof, with which The N.E.C. has introduced a Candidate.  No variation of this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.


The N.E.C. guarantees that it will advertise, search, screen, short-list and submit candidates for The Employer’s respective position according to the 5 (five) non-negotiable requirements as specified by The Employer.

The N.E.C. guarantees that it will campaign for The Employer’s respective position, the Job spec will be emailed “attached” to alan@thenec.co.za and in the body of the email the Employer will add 5 (five) non-negotiable requirements as specified per position for more acurate Shortlisting,

The Employer understands that “the NEC “ will then commence service as stated in “Annexure A” as above

The Employer, or the position will be kept open until such time as a candidate has been placed.  Instructions in writing will be required from The Employer to The N.E.C. to confirm the campaign length.


The Employer shall submit all the relevant details for the job to be filled to The N.E.C. which will include a job specification, and The Employer’s 5 (five) non-negotiable requirements for that particular position, either per email to alan@thenec.co.za or lin@thenec.co.za

The Employer understands that The NE.C. after searching and evaluating all cv’s submitted in reply to the advertisements will screen the candidates according to the 5 (five) non-negotiable requirements and submit to The Employer a recommended short-list of Candidates.

The Employer will be sent a Link and Login with Password to access the shortlisted candidates and all their details Including contact and CV will be available to download.

The Employer understands that the short-listed Candidate c.v’s submitted to The Employer will be as received by The N.E.C.; and contain all the relevant contact details.

The Employer understands that Downloading, access to and contacting the Candidates is the Employers resposibility, as well as contacting and inviting any candidates in for interviews and the recruitment process from that stage is the onus of The Employer.


The Employer indemnifies The N.E.C. at all times against any loss, damages or costs suffered as a direct or indirect result/consequence of the placement of any one of the Candidates received via this short-listing service. The N.E.C. shall not bear any liability for any damages or act or omission of the Candidate during the period of employment.


The N.E.C is able to assist The Employer with all reference checking on the Candidate, when the client is ready.  Reference checking includes personal, work-related references and Qualification, Criminal, ID, ITC, Experian checks.  There is a separate charge for this service and The N.E.C. will supply the fees on request from The Employer.


I hereby acknowledge and ticking the box above as stated I have read, understand and accept the FEE AND GUARANTEE STRUCTURE in Terms of Business for this SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT

____________________________________                            _____________________________________
FULL NAME OF CLIENT REPRESENTATIVE                                                                       SIGNATURE

____________________________________                            _____________________________________
FULL NAME OF N.E.C. REPRESENTATIVE                                                                         SIGNATURE