A Satisfied Client

A Satisfied Client

There are four (4) main reasons our clients keep coming back.

Whether you use us for contracting or permanent placements our track record says “you will, most likely, use us again”.


Attention to detail

Our Attention to detail is quite remarkable!  It is one of our teams’ strengths that is continually encouraged.


Our Track record

We place on average 1 of the 3 candidates we submit.  That’s right 1 in 3!   We only submit a maximum of 3 candidates unless specifically requested otherwise by the client. 



Our process for screening candidates is fast and accurate!  Our consultants normally have industry experience in the specific area that the client is looking.   And we can normally turn the right candidates around for the client within 48 hours of receiving the job specification.


Competitive rates

The rates we charge are some of the most competitive in the South African market.   

If you would like us to send you our terms and conditions or have any positions for us, contact us.