Five resources we use

Five resources we use

The resources we use to find you the best candidates in the market are:- 

When looking for the correct people for you we have a few little extras that most companies don’t have. 

Head hunting

Our name generating is one of the effective methods we use to find usually senior/management/executive candidates in specialized industries, this process can take some time if researching is involved, however is very effective. 



Advertising is one of the most time consuming resources, but if your recruitment process requires more media to source the right candidate, we offer more advertising opportunities than the average recruitment company, namely:-  

1.       A weekly email to registered candidates

2.       Our popular web site

3.       Weekly supplement The “NEC weekly”

4.       National newspapers

5.      Notice boards



Searching for candidates is one of the most successful methods we use

1.       Through our own Database and a number of external Databases

2.       Notice boards

3.       Internet sites



Networking with existing candidates also works very well 

1.       Send a referral request to all our current candidates

2.       Speak to existing candidates in the same field or industries.

3.       Recommendations through other associates.



Researching is a very important resource when understanding different, specialized positions.  Some clients require information on job requirements, company information in specialized industries, specific projects, client strategies, remuneration, etc.  Our staff researches through:-

1.       Newspapers

2.       The internet

3.       Magazines

4.       Directories

5.       Stock markets

6.       Telephone